How To Profit Using Facebook

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small local business, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool - great for informing customers, developing a brand or business identity, and expanding your reach.

The very thought of Facebook being used by over 1.5 billion people every day is amazing!

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What can Facebook do?

These are examples of what can be achieved through Facebook. Don't forget that Facebook really has the power to elevate every business to a bigger position, increase the number of clients, make the business more successful…

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A Facebook page is a great marketing tool for businesses. These pages allow companies to identify themselves - not only through a list of product offerings and services, but also by sharing links, images and posts on a customizable page to get a better sense of the company’s personality and character.

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Facebook offers its own form of advertising with Facebook ads, which appear in the side columns of the Facebook page. These classic ads are more specifically called Marketplace Ads. They include a title with a copy, image and a link to click on a Facebook page, Facebook application or external website.

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Launching a Facebook contest, sweepstakes or promotion is another Facebook marketing tactic that can increase visitors and brand awareness. When conducting a Facebook contest, keep in mind that sweepstakes cannot be organized through Facebook itself (meaning you can’t ask for likes as entries, get people to write answers in comments, etc.) Companies must use a third-party app to create their Facebook contest and then direct users to the app from their Facebook page.

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Posted posts on Facebook allow Facebook page owners to pay a fixed rate for their individual Facebook posts to reach a certain number of users, increasing the reach of a particular post. Some companies have asked themselves - why do I have to pay to ensure that my post is seen by users who are my visitors? If a user liked my site, they should always see my posts on their news feeds, right? The answer to this question is no, because it is assumed that users spend every waking moment of their lives on the Facebook page News. For the health and safety of your Facebook fans, we hope this is not true!

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Our Strategy Your Success

We can help your brand or business using our Facebook strategies! Facebook is a quality and powerful marketing tool, but in order to get the most out of it, you need knowledge and experience!

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